We need a pair of Ciconias

Ciconia is a glider-type electric UAV of operational-tactical level. The main advantage of the system is advanced inertial navigation, which allows one to work in harsh conditions and in the absence of GPS. The system can be equipped with an EO payload that can work both during the day and at night.

Flight range: 50 km
Flight endurance: 1.5-4 hours

The complex includes:

  • two boards
  • one ground station
  • three swappable optical heads

Ciconia is able to:

  • cover urgent needs for reconnaissance of the rear zone in the interests of regional situation centers
  • control and correct long-range artillery as an additional service of regional situation centers
  • conduct interval monitoring of areas of interest as assigned by a regional situation center
$65 000
65 000
update 03.10.2022 at 07:00
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